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Top 20 things I witnessed at ISPO…

It was a strange start to the day. A 5am flight meant I had to wake up at roughly the same time I would normally go to sleep. Nightmare! But we were off to ISPO (the “international trade fair for sporting goods and sports fashion in Munich”), so I meant business…

Upon landing we stumbled into a cafe, and after drinking the palest cup of tea ever, we took a taxi to ISPO and these are the top 20 things I witnessed;

1. Strike at Airport (below)

We touched down at Munich airport, and on our way through the airport we heard marching, shouting and whistle blowing. The sound of a strike! Portions of the public workers’ union, Verdi, were protesting over wages. I love the smell of rebellion in the morning.

2. Rupert getting on Indo Board (below)

This meeting of ‘the international sports and sportstyle industry’ was huge, so naturally the first thing we did was head over to the Indo board stand.

3. Rupert falling off Indo Board

Unfortunatley (for us) I didn’t manage to get a shot of this fine moment because the Indo Board instructor and I were in fits of laughter.http://www.indoeurope.com

4. Free Tattoos.

The guys from Warrior skateboards we’re inking people for free! Don’t worry Dad, I didn’t get one! Check out their clip on when and where to use Warrior skateboards.

5. New snowboard technology from Manic (above)

These guys have come up with advancements in snowboard bindings, which allows for a softer landing, and therefore lowering the risk of injury. The ‘suspension’ can be altered to suit your technique or preference. Hear it from the masters at: http://manicsnow.com/

6. Mini ramp action area (below)

Moving around the show, we stumbled upon the Mini ramp section. A load of skaters were showing off their tricks whilst the rest of us looked on jealously.

7. d3o orange stuff

The super-inventive guys at d3o were promoting their latest protective technology. They backed up their safety claims with a basin filled with an orange gunky ingredient, in which one could submerge their hand and then whack it with a hammer and no pain would be felt. Check out more about d3o at their website, where you’ll find a cool explanatory video.

8. Monster girls

The company they work for wasn’t the only thing that was Monster.

9. Neff hats (below)

It was a cold afternoon in Munich, so I headed over to the Neff stand to check out there woolly hats. Check out more headwear at www.neffheadwear.com

10. PG-Bikes (below)

Onto the style winner of the day… These bikes were so beautifully crafted, I daren’t touch them, so I took a photo instead. Want one? So do I..

Check out the website.

11. trikke (below)

These threatening three wheelers are not as difficult to ride, as one would imagine. Gliding around is effortless, and they manage to turn on a penny.

12. Blackmountain (below)

The Blackmountain men have come up with ingenious modes of transport such as this little number.

13. Monorex/ Secret Wars Drawings. (below)

The guys from Secret Wars pitched up and blew our socks off with some great drawings around snowboards. Go to the website to check out what else they’ve been scribbling!

14. Icon Snowboards (below)

These Finnish blokes design and produce some great light weight boards… and the designs aren’t bad either. See more at their website.

15. Free. Sunglasses. Etnies. (below)

Need I say more?

16. Bataleon Snowboards (below)

The Bataleon boys went for an eye-catching wallpaper for their stand. But it was their snowboards that had me captivated.

17. Skullcandy stuff

Skullcandy are the kings of headphones and other cool technological accessories. For example, a belt that controls your mp3! Like the sounds of that? Check ‘em out:http://www.skullcandy.com/

18. Tobby Laces (below)

Their stand was like walking into a rainbow. Pots of multi-coloured laces were everywhere.

19. The Gauswheel (below, photo from gauswheel.com)

Walking around the hall, the whizz of Gauswheels could occasionally be heard over the hum of the crowd. The Gauswheel guys weaved around unsuspecting pedestrians on their unique one-wheelers, but I could only manage moving a metre before falling off.

20. My easyJet seat

I was knackered, it had been a long day, but productive as ever. So finally, I put on my bright pink Etnies glasses, and tried to conserve some energy so as to deal with London Transport. Send your Transport for London complaints to TfL Complaints.


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