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A quick guide to your next skate camcorder…

This week I decided to review three potential skate camcorders!


The GOPRO Helmet can make even the best dressed, discerning individual, look like he is just about to take his canary down the mine. A camera that can attach to most things, enables riders to film for nearly an hour, using a 2Gb memory card, and capture a whole bunch of photos at 5MP, cannot be frowned upon. The helmet cam is waterproof and wireless and therefore demands a price tag of $299 (£191.96 approx). Designed and tested by a combination of scientists and sportsman, the camera is practical as well as robust. The fact that the camera is detachable, allows the GOPRO to double as a hand-held camera as well, thus catapulting up the video camera league and into the limelight.


Next on my list… The PSV-352 Point-and-Shoot from Pure Digital. This one stood out to me for a number of reasons. Not only is it highly recommended amongst online reviews for its video capabilities, but it also has a very slick, stylish look about it. The in-built software on the camera allows users to upload skate videos quickly and easily to YouTube and therefore is a favourite amongst “guerrilla” directors. A further benefit of the PSV-352 is its size and ability to fit into your average trouser pocket. The camcorder does look a little bit like a phone, but don’t be fooled the picture quality is nowhere near as bad. The price? $179 (£114.92 approx)! Bargain


Third and finally, a more conventional looking skate camcorder. This is what we think of when we see online videos…a guy holding a camcorder that, believe it or not, actually looks, sounds and tastes like a camcorder. We don’t end up looking like we’re about to dig up some coal (GoPro), or like we’re sending a text message (PSV-352), we look like we’re filming our friends skateboard…simple. The GL1 can fall back on a rich ancestry of skateboarding camcorders, although this version seems to be simpler, and more affordable for even the most ‘professional’ unprofessional director. The camcorder has all the features you’d expect, like 27 different shutter speeds, manual focus as well as digital effects. The GL1 is a little dated on the market, but we don’t care. We love the look of the thing, it’s traditional, simple and its anything but trendy.  At $2699 (£1732.79 approx), it’s a lot more expensive than the previous contenders, but you pay for quality, as well as the knowledge that you look like a skateboard director, instead of a clueless amateur. With the GL1, everyone will want to be your friend… If you do get one, get ready for your life to change. Expensive winner!!

If you would like to add to my suggestions then feel free!!

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