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Can we have a G-1 Glass-Top Pool Table please?!

What we want for Christmas and Birthday combined…

…a G-1 Glass-top Billiard Table!

Over the years I’ve had the chance to play on all sorts of pool tables. Fast, slow, green, blue, drink stained, ripped, sloping. The list goes on. But never have I played on a glass top table. Heck, I’ve never even seen one.

So, when the uber-inventive guys at Nottage, from Australia, came out with a new, futuristic pool table, I had to have a look at it. But how does it work? Surely I won’t be able to screw the white ball off the yellow to leave me on the brown, right?! It turns out I am wrong. It works, apparently, because the playing area is “composed of the patented Vitrik transparent playing surface on top of a 15mm toughened glass top.”

So it plays well, and of course it looks aesthetically orgasmic. The glass is not just for style, it serves a practical purpose as well. Like slate, glass “isn’t prone to sagging or warping, so provides a great alternative…for a game of pool.”

So it’ll stay flat and rigid…great…but what about my backspin? What’s this Vitrik stuff then? Nottage say it “replicates rolling resistance of an average-speed cloth, is hard wearing and allows spin to be applied and retains consistent roll characteristics over it’s lifetime.” Lovely…just what I wanted to hear.

So let’s talk business. How much do you want for it? Their website, http://www.nottagedesign.com/, asks me to shell out $43,900 (AUD). I go to an online money converter and find myself writing an imaginary cheque for a cool £24,668.80!

When you get one, let me know, I’ll come knocking, Jimmy White signed cue in hand.

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