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XTC Photo competition: And the results are out…

The long awaited selection of the best XTC fan photo has finally been released. Over the last month XTC has held its first ever photo competition, and finally we are ready to pick the winners. The idea was for fans to send in their photos of themselves taking part in an extreme sport. And to the winner…the spoils (a solar powered back-pack).

Firstly the XTC Facebook Fans Favourite:

Picking up a massive 42 ‘likes’, Doug Lake, smashed the competition with this great photo. The fans favourite, shows Doug “throwing a eight or nine ft backside melon grab over a channel gap at Unit23 in Scotland”, and was, by far and away, the most popular photo that we received. Doug really rallied his friends to appreciate his act of daring, and for all his hard work, we think he deserves a much coveted solar powered back-pack. We like this photo because even though Doug is travelling at a rate of knots, the cameraman has managed to get him flying through the air with minimal blur. We also like the faces of his harem of followers that have chosen to spectate from in-between the gap Doug is jumping. Are they there to add to the extremity of the trick, or to provide a soft landing in case Doug doesn’t make it…we couldn’t be too sure.

The XTC favourite comes from the lens of Tom Quigley:

Tom entered a number of photos, and really understood what we were looking for. We wanted photos showing what your chosen sport meant to you. “Skateboarding is…avoiding the trams”, was a great little caption, with the photo showing Tom performing what looks like a “pop shove-it” over the tramlines in Nottingham’s town centre. A good reason for choosing this photo, was not only Tom’s act of daring, but also because he is showing how skaters can get the best out of their ‘natural’, urban surroundings, and don’t always have to rely on the ‘artificial’ routes that are mapped out at skate parks.

A solar powered back-pack is on the way to these two action men. However a shout must go out to Katy Turgoose (Power Bocker), Roz Tabberer (Skye Diver), and Sam Barnes (Fire man) for some great entries that unfortunately, this time, didn’t manage to pick up the prizes.


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