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What makes Pastrana, Pancho and Knoxville cool, is it just their names?

 The explosion of popular extreme stunt series’, such as Nitro Circus and Dirty Sanchez, has spat out groups of men (and the occasional woman), who enjoy throwing themselves through the pain barrier…and love videoing it at the same time! And for this, we thank them…

…without programmes like Jackass, we would have no Jonny Knoxville tazering his nipple…no Travis Pastrana breaking the World Record for the longest jump in a rally car… and of course no Pancho falling asleep. But what do we really love about these maniacal warriors who seem to throw themselves on MTV every single night? Is it their definitive bravery? Their ultimate stupidity? Their desire to please and entertain? It may even be their love for all-in-one animal suits. Or is it that they’ve all got cool names; Pastrana, Margera, Passemante, Pancho, Wee Man…the list goes on. Sounding more and more like an Italian soup recipe.

Where were the Knoxville’s and (steve) O’s at my school? They definitely were not in my Religious Education set. Oh no…God had a plan for this class of dangerous and daring prodigies. This began with their names, and from then on they were destined for television greatness.

…just a thought.

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