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La Forge – The Visionary

I was never a fan of sci-fi. I could never let myself get too carried away with Klingon attacks, Avatar advances or adventures of “the one”. So why was I so drawn to Geordi La Forge (from Star Trek)? Was it that his flat top was comparable to the comic prince of the time, Will Smith? No, it was his visor, of course!

Geordi La Forge

The visor was created to provide Geordi with an artificially created sense of sight, and had the added advantage of allowing him to “see” vital human signs, and therefore keep an eye on mood as well as recognize lies. Even though I enjoy being able to use my eyes for crossing roads, watching skate videos, and generally not bumping into things, I would have loved to have a La Forge visor.

I have been thinking about this quite a lot recently. Consequently I began searching for a replica that I could get my hands on. I had the option to buy a Geordi La Forge mask (£24.99…tempting), but it was his specs I was really after. Unfortunately, I could only find replicas of Cyclops’ (from X-Men) visor, and this simply wasn’t good enough.

My search took me to the “i-Scape Virtual Reality Head Mounted Display”, and this was a changing point for me… I decided I liked my eyes. I don’t need to know if people are lying to me, that’s part of life…politicians and parents do it all the time. The i-Scape would allow me to keep my eyes (very useful), watch any DVD I have in my collection, and look awesome at the same time. Revolutionary! The gadget creates a 62” screen right in front of you, and with an integrated sound system your sensory system will not know what’s hit it! Ranging from $600 -$1200, the I-Scape is pretty pricey, but looking like your favourite sci-fi character is priceless. The flat-top, however, will have to wait…

i-Scape from www.vrealities.com


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