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XTC Photo Competition – Are you a budding Bailey?

Here, at XTC headquarters, we are proud to announce the ‘XTC Photo Competition’! The prize; a Solar Powered Back Pack. A “must-have” necessity in a modern world, whose undefined boundaries and super-high speed means that it is more important than ever to be able to connect, charge and surf whilst on the move.

How many times have you been caught short? Without battery on your phone, you turn from being a Paris Hilton socialite, into a Lord Lucan loner. Without music on your i-pod, one is forced to listen to old ladies’ conversations about how much heat M&S pantaloons can generate. And without one’s camera, we would have no chance of recalling what/who we did the previous night!

That is why, in return for a photo of what extreme sports mean to you, we are willing to part ways with one of these super-charged transporters. Photos of you flying through the air on your pogo stick are great…but if it also portrays, in an artistic manner, the reason why you love extreme sports…then you’re onto a winner.

So, if you’re a budding Bailey, or a capable Caissie, then let’s see what you can do!

Post photos at the Facebook Fan Page

Check the rules at the XTC website

Happy snapping!

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